Call it a come back!

After getting quite a few requests to make more videos, I plan to do just that. But, I need your help! Please send any links to ridiculous message board conversations to

Thank you & happy new year!

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Message Board #10 “Doggie Halloween”

Finally a new video! This month I visited a dog owner board in honor of my new show “Yappy Hour” at the UCB theatre NY on Nov 1, info at:

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The Message Board on Funny or Die

I’m going to start posting some of my favorite Message Board videos on Funny or Die, so please give the first video some love! All you have to do is click the link below and then select the “FUNNY” button below the video.

Thank you! And stay tuned for a new Message Board video next month!

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Message Board #9: My Bachelorette Party!

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Sorry for the new video delay…

…but I took July off to get tan. It was just too sunny out for me to stay inside and search the web for wacked out message boards. Blah blah blah, summer made me lazy. But fear not sweet followers, I’ll have a new video posted this month! And please, if you find message boards you’d like me to use as inspiration for a video please send them to me at

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Message Board #8: Bridal Bulge!

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Message Board #7: Women Aren’t Funny

This month I decided to change things up and visit a men’s entertainment site where I found this discussion about how women aren’t funny.

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Message Board #6 “Getting My Husband To Do The Big Deed”

This month I checked out a message boards “mommy” section.

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Message Board #5: The Great STD Stamp Debate

Special thanks to my special Nina Myers for the idea!

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After way too long of a hiatus from my Message Board project, I’m back! Please bookmark this site and come back every month for a new video. And if you come across message board posts that you would like me to use as inspiration for my next video please send it to

And I now I present to you…

Message Board #4: I’m So Embarassed!

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The Message Board #3: Disneymoon!

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Message Board #2: It’s Over, Now What?

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Message Board #1: My Dress

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